Are your Apple App Store Pages Optimized?

Are your Apple App Store Pages Optimized?

Nowadays, people don’t use websites that often. There’s been a dramatic change in the moods and modes of using applications. Thanks to the blessing of technology that has allowed us to reach things at our fingertips. By this, we mean smartphones that have enabled humanity to stay close to each other on our far-flung planet. Apple- a giant mobile phone company in the world offers a fantastic platform usually known as an app store to download applications. Some of them are paid and some are offered free by the app development companies.

We can find A-to-Z tools on the App Store very quickly. Now distance has become near to us on our mobile screens. The best part is the UI simplicity that offers an excellent user experience. We are talking about UI, the iOS 15, the latest OS version of Apple devices. It also includes numerous updates for apps like SharePlay FaceTime streaming, Notifications Focus-Interruption Levels, and Swift UI changes. Nonetheless, few updates remain in the hierarchy of Apple’s progress. The authorities at the tech giant have promised to launch several overhauls and optimizations for iPhone users by the end of 2022.

In addition, smartphones mainly run on two operating systems; iOS and Android. But right now, let’s put the latter on the shelf while talking about the Apple iPhone full-stack web development services. By this, we mean programming done on the front-end and back-end of both using parties. No wonder Steve Job’s most significant invention has become everyone’s favorite. Henceforth, every business and brand have their apps available on Apple’s dedicated App Store. But not everyone wins the race, right?! Applications need to pass the mobile compatibility test. It is only possible through app store optimization.

You need to create a well-balanced mobile application if you wish to rank higher on the search list. The more your application is viewable on top, the more the chances users will download it on their smartphones. Henceforth, it affects the brand visibility on phones that help increase organic traffic on your website.

1. Know your App Store’s Custom Product Pages?

The custom pages are tailored pages made to attract your potential customers. They look like bespoke websites made by adding personal changes and choices. These are modified for your target audience to show them relevant results for keywords on the app store. For instance, a mobile cooking app can develop a product page that shows culinary tools, kitchen settings, or diverse cuisine decorated on the table. Similarly, a mobile fitness app can show a GPS running meter to target users interested in morning walks and evening runs.

In addition, it all depends upon the nature of business for altering App Store pages. We all know that today there are tons of apps available on the App store used for various purposes. Further, programmers can also create pages based on different locations of customers. Modifications are made for both outer and inner pages. Custom pages are ideal for unique avatars for mobile games, various sports, themes for streaming services for specific genres, and more.

Astonishingly, you can create up to 35 custom product screens to help you optimize your App Store pages. Also, you can add specific keywords for every page to attract your customers. It enables you to target different audiences across the globe. In this way, you can optimize the app preview page, videos page, alt-tag images, and other promotional banners.

2. What is Product Page Optimization for App Store?

Optimizing your product page means applying changes to your home page. It means that you can use them in hyperlinks that you share on pages of your social media accounts. This technique is helpful to create different intersections for web traffic that reaches you from other routes. You can apply this trick for up to three pages of your Apple’s App store pages. It includes your icon page, preview video section, and screenshots page.

Additionally, you can check for traffic impressions once the sum of percentage reaches its maximum score. You can monitor these factors along with user downloads, conversions, and site traffic. Thus, control and revamp the looks of your App Store pages for better optimization.

3. How do you optimize your App Store pages?

Do not waste your time by watching analysis reports of your pending custom pages. Instead, plan your app’s colors, theme styles, buttons, features, and content to enhance its appeal factor. In this way, you can attract potential customers who are searching for your app with different keywords. Further, inspect your preview landing pages, videos’ section, text, and screenshots to reveal the best modifications for your App Store pages. Make sure to make changes to those screens that have the most organic traffic. Create a pecking order to start from maximum visitors to the lowest.

Apple’s standard steps to create your App Store’s product page:

  • Start by creating a unique brand/app name. Choose a simple application title with a tagline. In other words, it should be digestible for most of the readers irrespective of their different age groups. Your app name should be memorable and hold a household meaning to give it an emotional touch.
  • Undeniably, the icon of your app comes next in line. Create it with decent coloring, proportions, and theme settings that tell the story of your application / business.
  • Subtitles are crucial to attracting potential downloaders. So, make sure you create a few catchy ones before finalizing the best one out of them.
  • App preview videos have a considerable significance when it comes to App Store pages. These can either make you or break you. Also, it reveals your app’s functioning, features, UI, and user experience encapsulated in a short video of less than a minute.
  • Others in Apple’s ladder include screenshots, promotional texts, keywords, in-app purchases, user reviews, geo-locations, and categories.

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