Best Cloud-Based Test Automation Platforms for Enterprise Applications

Best Cloud-Based Test Automation Platforms for Enterprise Applications

Automation Testing tools or Test Automation tools are software applications that help users test various desktop, web, and mobile applications. These tools provide automation solutions to automate the testing process. Automated testing tools also offer multiple GUI testing, performance testing, load testing, and API testing features.

Are you confused about how to create the right match and mix for your applications? You want to test different sets and standards for desktops, web, and smartphone apps, right. The automation platforms in this regard turn out to be an excellent ‘controllable space’ for users like you. Also, you can create a schedule to run the analyzing process for various test cases. Enter your data into the System Under Test section to compare a computer-generated result with the real-time overview of the test.

Furthermore, these testing tools all provide an easy-to-manage dashboard where you can customize your scoring preferences. You can test your scores for GUI, analyze overall performance, and help review your APIs.

Since several automation platforms are available on the internet, you need to identify which one suits you best. Follow the instructions below to make a better decision:

  • Identify your testing preferences beforehand. Not all automation platforms are the same.
  • Explore and investigate the automation tools that meet your requirements.
  • These tools should not exceed your budget.
  • Check a few, but boil down your decision to the two favorite ones.
  • Run a demo for pilot testing and go with the one that matches your expectations.
  • Don’t forget to discuss the one you selected with an investor or expert in the testing field.
  • Buy the automation platform that wins the race.


There are countless automation platforms available. No wonder you can fall into the bottomless pits of puzzlement. Therefore, you can go with the most popular ones instead of checking the least favorite ones. Some of them are as follows:

1. CloudTestr

It is an automation platform that also offers cloud services. It provides faster test check, tracking and offers other dynamic features as well. CloudTestr’s most significant benefit includes modifications for report format design, creating test scope, and analyzing reports. It is based on the TaaS layout (testing-as-a-service). As well, have a built-in keyword framework to help you develop simple tasks and tests. It’s a boon to avail comprehensive eCommerce solutions for small businesses.

In addition, CloudTestr includes sundry testing features. First, its design aspect allows to create and save test cases. You can also categorize dissimilar tests into different sections. These test cases enable users to check what conditions are working for them according to their requirements.

2. BlazeMeter

It is an open-source testing automation platform that offers sundry solutions and other in-built dedicated features. Besides, the BlazeMeter software is one of the best-recommended platforms for both small-scale and big businesses.

The platform allows you to perform intermittent testing phases. You can use both new and old scripts for it. Popular BlazeMeter features include test evaluations for many applications comprising API, mobile application(s), sites, and software. As well, offer testing and handling of APIs, CLIs, UI, and other open-source applications.

BlazeMeter main features include a robust testing design that saves your precious time. The best part is that it’s an open-source tool that offers customizable testing. It also provides excellent reporting to your database. Other benefits include its group-centric design, data-driven reporting and estimations, efficient GUI for loading scripts, and comprehensible load testing procedure.

3. Eggplant

It’s an award-winning automation platform and is now an integral part of Keysight Technologies. Eggplant has been chosen as the forerunner by eminent analysts in the world, including Forrester and Gartner. Over the years, this tool has disrupted and diminished the use of conventional testing tools owing to its state-of-the-art design and features.

Eggplant has a lot of benefits. It offers AI-based automation that works according to user preference. Further, it provides receptive and scalable applications, which in return increases user engagement times. As well, accelerate your testing efforts and provide maintenance for testing. It enables users to control elementary automation to manage complex systems. Besides that, Eggplant seamlessly embeds different tools you and your friends are already using.

4. LoadStorm

LoadStorm is a decisive loading and testing tool that is compatible with both mobile and websites. The best part of LoadStorm is its clean dashboard support with easy-to-use features. You can test, manage, and record scripts on the automation platform more proficiently.

It is a robust platform that provides testing for and can be determined by high measurable groups. It enables users to work wirelessly and eliminate application errors and modify testing for other issues as well. In addition, LoadStorm is capable of handling high traffic and evaluating performances more effectively. It also offers cloud-based test loading and measuring the scores for websites and relatable applications. Also, it provides in-depth analysis for insightful overviews. LoadStorm is easy to use and a cost-effective solution for evaluating application scores.

5. Worksoft

It is an automation platform testing tool designed for SAP. You can quickly resolve and fix complex problems that occur during testing procedures. In addition, it offers seamless and intermittent testing without requiring writing code lines. Worksoft is one of the best leading-edge agile and DevOps software to date.

Worksoft is a powerful platform titled the “gold standard” for evaluating SAP and Non-SAP company applications. It is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of multinationals that work for intricate business objectives and complex tasks. Benefits of Worksoft include a business-driven approach and customer support testing. As well, offer integrated solutions for several automation platform testing tools. It is compatible with DevOps and ALM systems. Also, it provides solutions for automatic file finding and includes documentation support.

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