mobile app development cost guide in 2023

mobile app development cost guide in 2023

What does it cost to create an app?

Depending on the nature, functionality, and complexity of the app, the price to design it might range from $10,000 to $500,000. Although there is no precise estimate for app development costs, and that range is certainly vast.

Small apps with essential functions may be created for less money than larger apps with complicated designs or business apps with plenty of features. It may take even much less than $10,000 to create a minimal viable product (MVP), and depending on its complexity, it might just take a few weeks to complete. Additionally, if you intend to create android app development and iOS app development, you'll need to get a bigger budget. Apart from complexity, the total quotation will vary based on a wide range of other aspects. 

What factors influence the expenses of developing apps?

The following factors have a significant impact on the number of development hours:

·         Project type and scope

·         platforms available and development methodology

·         number of attributes and capabilities

·         the layout of the app

The hourly rates will also have an impact on your:

·         Setting up a development team, whether you employ a professional development staff or freelance developers

·         Additionally, the team's location is important because hourly wages vary by country.

Cost of development dependent on the type of app

Apps may be divided into many categories according to their logic, function, and ultimate goal. Knowing what kind of app your concept is—a gaming app, a social networking app, an e-commerce app, a leisure app, etc.—is crucial. It directly influences the price of developing an app by influencing the features you'll add or whether you'll need to invest more in advertising and improving the visual design.

A solo app with few features, for instance, will cost less to design than a social media app. On the other side, apps that use AI, AR, or VR open up new possibilities but are more expensive.

Data-driven applications

Data-driven applications are more complicated than simple apps. These applications handle certain information and keep it on the user's device or a distant server. For it to function as intended, it might be necessary to construct a back end. weather apps, Stocks apps, and news apps, and are a few examples of data-driven applications. The average cost of these apps is $15,000+ and the period is 1-2 months

Authentication apps

To utilize authentication applications fully, the user must log in, particularly using social media. Data syncing between devices is interacted with by the user's own account. For user and content administration, it could call for more capabilities and an associated admin interface, which raises expenses. Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator other programs of a similar sort are examples. This mobile app development costs up to $50,000+ and takes almost 3-6 months.

applications for e-commerce

mobile app development for e-commerce requires$50,000 – $200,000+ and is completed in 3-6 months or 9+ months. Infrastructure-wise, apps for e-commerce are complicated. To handle users, stock, sales, transactions, etc., they need a strong back-end and administration. The complexity, style, and functionality you choose to put in the app will thus influence its ultimate   Product searching and screening, barcode scanning, customized suggestions, and other features are among the most crucial ones.

Applications for social media

Networking and conversation among two persons or groups of people are typically included in social media applications. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are a few well-known examples. However, they could have more affordable alternatives, such as rating or review apps, forums, blogging, online dating, etc. These apps are more expensive to design since they process a large amount of information and need well-thought-out back-end support. This mobile app development requires $60,000 – $200,000+  and 3-6 months or 9+ months

On demand  applications

On-demand applications function as a platform where the material is continually changing to satisfy certain requirements or wants. Uber and food delivery applications are two of the most popular examples. They need two solutions with various user and rider functions. Additionally, purchase sections, delivery options, and paying elements are necessary for these apps. Based on the complexity, building them is more expensive. the cost to build them is around $70,000 – $200,000+ and the duration is about 5-8 months.

IoT-focused applications

IoT apps link actual objects with the user’s device to enhance their intelligence. To send and receive information or requests, they are linked through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The tangible objects might be watches, home-helping gadgets, pet collars, etc. These applications are designed to improve the performance of actual hardware, such as cameras, alarm clocks, and other devices. The average cost for the custom and professional IoT App Development would be $70,000.

Cost of developing apps for Android vs. iOS

The cost of mobile app development for iOS and Android would not change significantly if you stick to one platform when you do so. However, the intricacy of the features and functions that must be implemented, nevertheless, might affect the schedule. Therefore, the price would be directly related to the needed number of hours. However, the costs will be two times as if you separately create for two platforms. In contrast to Android, which allows for more flexibility in development, iOS demands adhering to Apple's tight rules and constant upkeep. Finally, the utilization of several SDKs and architectures during iOS and Android development affects total expenditures.

Development of native versus cross-platform apps

Cross-platform development tools like React Native, Flutter, and ionic are becoming more and more well-liked in the IT sector. Through the use of a single code base, they make it easier to design apps that work like native ones across several platforms. thus, these hybrid apps can drastically reduce development time and expense to launch. Since there are no distinct programs, it is also simpler to maintain apps and add features once they are released.

Native development, on the other hand, is ideal for high-performance apps, apps with numerous bespoke animations, or apps with intricate user interfaces. Native applications are technically superior to hybrid apps since they are more user-experience-focused. Additionally, they are very scalable and offer better hardware functionality. For creating iOS and Android apps, they employ specialized development tools and coding languages like Swift or Kotlin. In general, native mobile app development is more expensive and takes longer to complete.


Mobile apps are trending nowadays and are beneficial for your business. The development costs vary according to the complexity of its procedure and development. So, app development is not so simple as it requires a lot of time and money.

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