Must-Know Tips for Android Application Development

Must-Know Tips for Android Application Development

Users using a smartphone app is like standing on the tip of the iceberg. But for the Android application developers, it’s like a massive part of it submerged in the water. If you are a startup business owner or run an eCommerce website, you probably have thought of getting a business-centric app for it. But if you’re the one that provides services to these people, you need to follow the guidelines.

The present world is all about the tough competition to make your impression. It should be significant enough to help you create an unforgettable experience for users. It is the main reason you should look for companies that offer exceptional mobile application development services. Do not make a mistake to avoid a reputable firm that offers comprehensive solutions for creating your mobile business app.

Nowadays, the demand for both iOS and Android applications has boomed. No business today can be successful for a long-term period unless they offer mobile access to their users. It’s not only about programming or using fluid computer-generated languages. But it’s a series of different processes that become one unified body – a mobile application.

We have gathered a few tips for you to assist you in creating your next best Android application. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business owner or the professional that provides it to customers. All that matters is that you use these primary partialities to create an efficient iOS or Android application. Remember, there are high chances you will lose the competition if you do not follow the instructions. Therefore, keep your heads up. Read on!

Quicker Loading Period

Let us check what the statistics say about this. As per a recorded study, AMP pages load 4 times quicker than usual. It uses 8 times fewer data than a conventional mobile-optimized page. Thus, the basic idea was to facilitate users with an open-source framework that would turn the mobile experience not just better but even faster. It is a win-win situation in the long run. The main thing is, optimization for page speed and a great mobile experience is crucial for SEO. So, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the best ways of accomplishing that.

1. Know your Audience

First, know your target audience and part of the world you wish to promote your business. Not all people in the globe desire to download your app, so make sure you connect to the right people. Hence, promote your business and its customized Android application where the demand is high.

2. Infallible Concept

The conceptualizing process comes after coming to conclusions and warding off confusion for your target audience. Your iOS or Android application should be able to work efficiently with the features it has to offer. It should solve the problems of users by following a few simple steps. Besides, it should include unique elements to attract users. You can expect a significant cut in the number of downloads, as there are many other apps available already. Hence, create a fail-proof concept to beat the competition.

3. iOS/Android Application Security

Mobile application security is a crucial feature when developing a mobile app. Every professional iOS and Android application programmer should work their best to clock and load in the best securities for users. We are living in a time when people and smartphones go hand-in-hand. Astonishingly, Android application downloads will exceed the 250 billion mark by the year 2022. So, it’s essential to keep users’ data safe from hackers that are also growing in numbers with time.

4. Mobile Application Design

iOS and Android application development might be a tedious process. Hence, it is vital to use a catchy app layout to keep things rolling. Start with brainstorming your ideas on a piece of paper. Make sure you select an eye-catching format with delightful colors. Keep things easygoing and straightforward for users. Do not overcomplicate your mobile apps by stuffing them with useless ingredients.

Create a minimal app by cleverly using the outline’s white space. Add navigation buttons. Do not forget to go with a mobile-first design concept before forcing regulations for your website. Your Android application should include a theme, colors, and features that compliment your business.

5. Programming

Programming for new recruiters can be a hectic process. It’s unforgiving and part of the process. But the stakes and promises are high by the end of the day. Sadly, not many programmers are well-versed with coding. They tend to make blunders every once in a while. Further to grow in the virtual dialect field, you can learn several computer languages to improve your skills. There is no shame in hiring a good iOS and Android application developer if you are short of time.

6. Understand App-friendly Platforms

Presently, Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store are the only two platforms you can go with. Shockingly, there are several businesses and online platforms that either use iOS or Android for their business. They do not care about the implications that might hinder their business in due course. Therefore, it’s better to go cross-platform; create a mobile application compatible with both Apple and Android devices.

7. Future Proof Application Design

Make sure to create a future-proof design for your iOS and Android application. It does not mean that you waste your time beautifying it, but add elements and features that guarantee the next 5-years of user handling. Of course, you can modify the mobile app’s design along with the regular updates you offer. As well, ensure to add the latest features that are in demand in the digital world. Good luck!


The world we’re living in has changed a lot. Things keep changing over time and even getting better often. Hence, there isn’t a book that reveals all the secrets to mobile application development. Nevertheless, you can keep on checking for the best features for your iOS and Android applications. More noteworthy mentions include in-app payment methods, application database, in-depth research & analysis, smooth workflow process, interactive navigations, decent color schemes, etc.

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