Technological Advancements in Healthcare Prioritizing Wellness

Technological Advancements in Healthcare Prioritizing Wellness

We are not far from the time where technology will be completely diffused in the medical industry. From COVID testing kits to MRI scanners, automated surgeries and artificial joints, advancement in technology has given rise to revolutionary innovation in the MedTech industry hereby creating Internet of medical things- an interconnected structure of healthcare systems.

IoMT connects medical equipment with computerized systems that streamline processes such as data assorting, monitoring, and tracking through efficient mobile app development. Healthcare mobile apps can track blood pressure, water intake, oxygen and sugar levels, weight, and ECGs which can then be stored in the cloud and shared with people who are authorized to access it.

According to Deloitte report, the IoMT market will be worth $158.1 billion in 2022. This digital revolution ensures that healthcare systems are modern, ubiquitous and interoperable. IoMT provides centralized access to clinical records and information specific to patients to enhance a patient’s experience and make healthcare easily accessible than ever before. In the healthcare industry, the IoT signals the evolution of technology that allows a new generation of game-changing and life-enhancing services across the economy.

Benefits of MedTech

Data Gathering and Analysis

Organizations utilize this opportunity to revolutionize the customer experience of medical care with the data created and processed by healthcare apps, wearables, data-based in-hospital diagnostics and cloud solutions. IoT helps all the medical staff gather useful patient information which can then be sorted, grouped analyzed through the automated systems. This allows the medical professionals to gather essential healthcare analytics and data-driven insights which speed up the decision-making process.

Tracking and Alerts

In any sort of life-threatening situation, on-time tracking and reporting are extremely important. Medical IoT devices capture vital data and pass the information in real-time to physicians while dropping alerts via mobile apps and other connected devices to individuals about risk factors and immediate actions to be performed. Reports give a firm opinion, regardless of location and time, about the state of a patient and allow well-versed decisions to be taken. MedTech allows real-time alerting, tracking and monitoring, allowing hands-on procedures, increased accuracy, doctor's apt intervention, and improving the outcomes of full delivery of patient care.

Real-Time Reporting and Monitoring

Making the monitoring and reporting process automated through smart medical devices saves lives by a large extent. Medical histories and other data can be extracted within a matter of minutes as compared to having to go through piles of data.

A study by the Center of Connected Health Policy tells us that there was a fifty percent reduction in 30-day readmission rate because heart failure patients were remotely monitored through computerized systems. This on-spot tracking and monitoring of one’s health not only leads people to be more aware of themselves but also encourages them to be fit and indulge in holistic approaches to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Connectivity and Affordability

The interconnection of tech with healthcare industry helps in streamlining countless day-to-day tasks such as appointment booking, finding credible doctors in your area, knowing which medical facility accepts your insurance and much more.

Healthcare mobile apps let patients upload their medical histories, insurance, payment methods and get them in touch with doctors within a matter of seconds. Whereas doctors can enhance their presence by registering their certifications and licenses online and catering to a larger amount of people. MedTech offers seamless end-to-end connectivity and saves a lot of cost and efforts.

Remote Medical Assistance

In the times we are living in right now with a global pandemic looming over our heads, hassle-free and fast access to healthcare is of utmost importance. Many businesses have leapt the fence and jumped ahead to adopt the latest technologies to provide seamless medical assistance to patients. Healthcare mobile apps empower remote med care and allow a health professional to cater to a large number of people and let patients have unhindered access to medical facilities and doctors.


IT industry has led to revolutionary changes in the health and life sciences industry. Living in a global pandemic, it was extremely necessary for scientists and biotechnologists to research on the virus, its risk factors, symptoms and precautionary actions people should take. With the help of highly intelligent systems, scientists were not only able to research the virus but build medicines that boost the immune systems of people and slow the virus from spreading. IoT helped us to gather a large amount of data about the disease that would have taken several years if we manually collected it.

IoT not only saves time but also our research capital. Therefore, in the field of medical research, IoT has a great effect. It allows bigger and improved medical therapies to be implemented and enhance the quality of patients' health care services.

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