Top 5 most sought-after Mobile App Feature Trends for 2022

Top 5 most sought-after Mobile App Feature Trends for 2022

Handheld gadgets are the ideal type of machine. After all, all the latest digital technologies are usable on the miniature AI-powered device. Besides, this compact smart device is more capable than any desktop computer ever known. The world is progressing at rapid speeds, and so are our lives. It is the primary reason every brand is trying to become an integral part of the magical handy device – phones, tablets, etc.

Indeed, the smartphone has become a powerful device with larger-than-life elements. Every programmer and businessperson is trying to conceive the best innovative smartphone software to date. They know that it’s crucial to advance in times when technologies are growing with new-fangled innovations every day. Hence, the main reason why mobile app development services are becoming popular.

Furthermore, smartphone application features are also a growing concern of online businesses. Every brand is trying its best to create something unique and phenomenal out of this world. Thus, try to make the best feasible features for the app. It is a phone application that contains the world for the users to make the most of it.

Empowering a phone software with robust all-embracing provisions was impossible in the past, but not anymore. Thanks to cloud computing and round-the-clock servers for making this dream come true. Besides, futuristic features and other in-app options that work like magic are the biggest game-changers. There is an endless enlisting of flairs to add to an app, but the best five mobile app feature highlights are as follows:

1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) have made mobile apps more interactive. Indeed, it’s the most prominent tech-savvy innovation entrepreneurs dream of acquiring. And why not so? It enhances the user experience by infusing Reality with one’s imagination. In other words, ad-lib the environment with things that do not exist.

The best example of AR is a sophisticated phone app that allows you to put a virtual chair, table, cupboard, or sofa in a room. Hence, allowing you to decide whether to buy the furniture or not. Pokémon Go game is another excellent example of Augmented Reality. More popular AR apps include IKEA Mobile App, Disney Coloring Book, L’Oréal Makeup App, and Google Pixel’s Star Wars Stickers.

On the other hand, Virtual Reality includes a VR headset you can mount to play games. It allows you to escape reality by moving to a place that does not exist. You fully immerse in the game and become one of its playable characters yourself. Oculus Quest Series, Valve Index, and PlayStation VR set are popular headsets. Healthcare also uses these technologies to help patients and hospital staff. Realistic 3D visualization, medical learning facilitation, virtual assistance, and medical machine augmentation also use AR and VR.

2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machines have become capable of absorbing knowledge automatically. The most significant examples are from the security aspects of a phone and its apps. Fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and voice search are great examples. Besides, artificial intelligence has also allowed phone apps to predict user behaviors. Again, the future is all about AI-powered technologies. Good examples include static image recognition, learning system algorithms, data processing automation, and object identification.

3. Mobile Commerce 

Nowadays, people do not hesitate to go outside to buy groceries when they can order them from the home comfort. Thanks to the innovative digital technologies, resourceful websites, and phone apps with remarkable features.

Shockingly, the eCommerce mobile industry has soared skywards after the COVID-19 pandemic. It is the primary reason every brand now comes with a dedicated phone app. They know that people these days are mostly active on their phones. Thus, don’t visit websites that often, but use phone apps. One-click ordering, speech-to-text shopping, and omnichannel shopping are significant M-commerce examples.

4. Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has now become a catchword among technology investors. However, it is not new-fangled digital magic but has been there for decades. The main idea behind the internet of things is to connect machines. Apple Inc.’s ecosystem of iPhones, MacBooks, and other devices is the best example of IoT. It’s an ecosystem that helps users to manage their work effectively.

Other IoT examples are smartwatches, mobile phones, electric self-driving cars, AI assistants, and smart home devices. Besides, the Internet of Things is taking over like AR and VR technologies. It will soon reconcile with modern homes, healthcare facilities, vehicle manufacturing hubs, and other governmental organizations.

5. Enterprise Mobile Apps

These are generally the custom-built software used by the in-house employees. It allows them to collaborate in a pecking order. It’s like logistics for humans, where projects and messages flow smoothly.

Nowadays, developing enterprise phone applications are becoming the most extensive global trend. Professionals under one roof can run various activities, analyze project statuses, work in unison, grant permissions, and keep up with their operations. As for 2022 and beyond, solo business minds and full-scale corporations are considering buying dedicated enterprise apps.


Mobile app trends and features seem to have no end anytime soon. They’re budding at fast speeds and helping us maneuver digital technology much better. Besides the above top five mobile capacities, 5G mobile connectivity is one of the cornerstones of wireless technologies. It enables the internet to run at implausible lightning speeds.

Next comes blockchain technology; secured data packs allow users to store confidential information on the internet. Bitcoins, robotics, transparency in public elections, and fighting anti-piracy are now possible. Virtual mobile wallets and beacon technologies for geolocations are two more groundbreaking phone app trends in 2022. 

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