Why AMP is Important for your Website?

Why AMP is Important for your Website?

Blitz Mobile Apps is the best agency in the online market, offering a wide variety of websites & technology services & solutions. We have expertise in custom mobile application development which smooths out the journey of e-sellers and business individuals. Suffice to say, our web tools, tactics, and technologies have become an integral element. We have been hailed for years for our in-depth knowledge of the subject and avant-garde strategies.

What is AMP? It stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. Take it as an open-source development intended to assist web publishers. It generates mobile-optimized content that loads immediately on all devices. The AMP form of any blog post, product page, or landing page loads rapidly on the smartphone. Given that a massive consumer in the world today comes from mobile, it is highly advantageous for online commerce.

At Blitz Mobile Apps, we understand that mobile optimization is vital for the content strategy along with search engine optimization. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is a technology developed to aid with the same. Consequently, it is the perfect tool to utilize for business-based websites. How does AMP support web practices in the day-to-day life of a user? The prime benefit a website has with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) includes quicker loading of a page for mobile users. In addition to this, it maintains a low bounce rate, lessens the loading period, offers an adjustment on multiple browsers, with enhanced SEO & more mobile responsiveness.

Quicker Loading Period

Let us check what the statistics say about this. As per a recorded study, AMP pages load 4 times quicker than usual. It uses 8 times fewer data than a conventional mobile-optimized page. Thus, the basic idea was to facilitate users with an open-source framework that would turn the mobile experience not just better but even faster. It is a win-win situation in the long run. The main thing is, optimization for page speed and a great mobile experience is crucial for SEO. So, Google Accelerated Mobile Pages is one of the best ways of accomplishing that.


Reduce Bouncing Rates

A study discovers that up to 3 seconds load times face a bounce rate of more than thirty percent. It is outright unfavorable for businesses. In other words, it means that for mobile pages, optimization is decisive in terms of enduring the cut-throat competition. Hence, a technology that lets one stay ahead of the rivals is excellent without any doubt. Following this reason and considering the smartphone browsers’ market share, access to mobile-responsive and user-friendly websites can earn the title of zero or hero for the brands. By converting load times fast-paced, augmented mobile pages proves to be the chief feature to sets your appeal. In simple words: it helps a company, business, corporation, business apart regardless of its size and type.

Better & Boosted Performance

It proposes flexibility that allows the clients to ensure better and improved performance. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a framework that is designed to progress mobile website performance for the user. It is by far the most flexible one in regards to yielding access to a streamlined process. It brings the finest speed results built around the concept to enable mobile users to obtain their desired content instantly.

Accelerated Mobile Pages SEO

There are two key drivers in controlling the vehicle of success in online business profitability: speed & performance. These are essential factors in order to gain and then convert visitors. Without any uncertainty, obtaining traffic to a website is a prerequisite for a brand to get a top search engine results position. As earlier revealed, the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) concept is supported by Google. It is based on the augmented mobile searching tendencies of more and more visitors.

It means they look for their specific subjects with has amplified importance for them. As per statistics in the year 2018 suggested how some results on search engine giants came from mobile-friendly pages, which highlighted the value of seamless mobile navigations. It indicates the regular professional practices required for effective search engine optimization include smartphone usage. Whether it is the SEO or part of digital marketing campaigns, the strategy is not ideal if mobile users are not given preference. Transforming the website into mobile-friendly, plus optimizing it with the usage of a framework sponsored by Google, says a lot. It is equivalent to a firm having more prospects to be designated upwards in SERP.

So, if the aforementioned adds to your list of requirements in relation to a long-lasting presence online. To wrap it up, here are a few points to inform individuals and entities about AMP:

Amplified Website Interactivity

Lightweight Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) content interconnects well with smartphone users with less-than-stable internet connectivity issues. Also, the reduction in page loading time enhances the user experience to ascend the probability of website visitors staying on the website for a long period.

Upgraded Traffic and Ranking

As the page load time is a Google ranking aspect, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are given preference in search engine algorithms. Specifically for Google, which in return impacts SERP. Supposedly, if two of the websites come face to face in competition, the quicker one will win it far more easily.

Augmented Advertisement Viewing

With Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), the HTML is embedded in a style that improves images and banners’ overall usability. It results in a higher advertisement views rate, and in return, it aids publishers in ascending opportunities for monetizing their content.

Advanced Click-Through Ratings

One main advantage of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is that it is displayed in the top list of Google’s mobile Search Engine Result Pages. It means it comes on top of all search results on an engine. Viewers are vastly prone to choose those pages initially. It directs to higher click-through rates.

AMPs extend a quite different and distinctive in their own way experience. Assume it is like an improved version of a regular mobile site. Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source and free technology that ensures leading conversions, high increase in site traffic, profit, and revenues. More and more folks are considering it. Accelerated Mobile Pages is becoming an exceedingly significant ingredient for a balanced marketing strategy for publishers in the contemporary era. In view of its interrelatedness with search engine results (SEO) and advertisement impress rates, it is fetching the attention of many. As with any evolutionary modification in the search engine’s history, the public needs to give consideration to AMP. Like everything worldwide, there are pros and cons to every single thing. Thus, it becomes beneficial sometimes but may cause hiccups in other instances. Online individuals and business operators particularly need to keep a sharp eye on the changing dynamics and how the latest technology can be fulfilling to your trade.

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