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Intuitive and user friendly, the app is a resource network for entertainment professionals worldwide to showcase creative talents, socially connect, and collaborate using EO chat and more.

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Apple Tung Fong (Founder of Entertainment Oxygen)

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Integrated Systems make usability easy and efficient, from quoting and bidding on a project, to scheduling, to ratings of talent, to billing and payments, the EO app provides an integrated system all in one simple app. Keep track of all jobs and payments as well as calendaring your next project. Simple. Fast. Efficient.

Find talent through a direct message or broadcast your project to cast a wide net. Script Auction™ enables a writer to find a buyer for their script and maybe find a producer or director for your next blockbuster.

Moreover, with more than 100 categories include both above the line and below the line entertainment professionals so you can explore profiles and find the right people for your projects

Eo Day

Eo Day proves to be a landmark in the entertainment industry as there was a long time need for such a platform which could provide such functionalities through which selected people from your circle can meet and share their daily thoughts, Eo Day start with a vague idea of interacting entertainment people, but Blitz Mobile Apps as per their expertise in the field of analysis provided such ideas which give series of appreciation reviews from the users who use this functionality on “Entertainment Oxygen” mobile application, Users were allowed to share their pictures or videos by using their mobile phone, In this way entertainment industry users got such a private place where users feel free to share their daily update of their industry life to make their circle people acknowledge about industry updates. User can like or comment as well on the post which their love one’s share on their Eo Day wall.

Applied Technologies


Strategy and Planning

Ui / Ux Design

Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD.

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework

Back End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework

Mobile Development

React, Native Base, XML, React-Redux, React Context Base Java Module




Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and Smoke Testing

Quotation & Booking Module

The main need of “Entertainment Oxygen” mobile application was providing such a platform where entertainment industry individuals/companies can find ways to grow their career needs, Blitz Mobile Apps under the umbrella of “Entertainment Oxygen” build such a nice functionality of Quotation and Booking that people from the whole world of “Entertainment Oxygen” can find a best match person for their needs of entertainment industry, Broadcast quotation allow the users to find the best match person and get several quotes based on the job requirement, find the best person, negotiate price and confirm your booking through “Entertainment Oxygen”, keep a track of your booking through booking meter and give star rating to your individual through review module

Auction Module

“Entertainment Oxygen” platform brought an area for the story writers to place their scripts on auction, and earn a good amount of money or meet a producer which can turn your script to another next block buster movie in the Industry. Script auction module is a custom build module by Blitz Mobile Apps which stand on the client needs and wants for this module, when someone upload a script document it becomes available for auction where different people can come and bid their price for the available document placed for auction, when auction time gets over, the person who made the highest big wins auction race and the individual who can sell the script to the winner of auction.


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