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Our focus was the design and development of an web application that will help the customer’s of oracle Jennie to avail their reading (therapy) services from their home, before the development of this project client’s of oracle jennie use to come at office in order to avail the service but this service product reduce the hassle of customer and save their time in a lot of ways and helped the project owner to earn in different ways. Live chat and Live Voice call bring a lot of ease to both therapist and customer to attend their session online from their home place.

Booking Engine

Our “Oracle Jennie” client bring one requirement which was the heart of this project that they want to provide a booking engine to their customer’s through which they can check out best possible available slots of their desired therapist and book a slot with him/her in order to avail a reading session, Blitz Mobile App brilliantly applied their analysis skills over this this requirement and on the basis of that Blitz Mobile App create one custom booking engine which completely meets client’s need, as client booking engine was having custom booking time slot along with buffer time in between that was beautifully mapped from blitz mobile app within the project, which provide the customer of “Oracle Jennie” so much ease as customer’s are now able to book a slot from their home place as per his/her requirement.

Applied Technologies


Strategy and Planning

Ui / Ux Design

Photoshop, Illustrator and Adobe XD.

Front End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework

Back End

HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript, Agile management framework




Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing and Smoke Testing

Ask 3 Questions

“Oracle Jennie” platform was expected to have such client’s as well who will not be able to brae the fee of a therapist reading session, for that Blitz Mobile Apps proposed an idea of “Ask 3 Questions” which will allow the customer’s to ask 3 different questions for which they are seeking guidance with a very low price which they can bare, Blitz Mobile Apps created such a functionality which allow the customer to ask up to 3 questions and pay per question after receiving the answers from the admin side, once admin receive question request after that admin reply to that question and submit for the user, we made this area safe again by providing such a functionality that we made the answer confidential unless and until customer don’t pay for the answer we don’t show answer to the customer.

Live Call and Live Chat

After successful implementation of booking engine another challenge which client was facing was that their was no medium through which therapist and customer can interact with each other, Blitz Mobile Apps with their experience and skills agreed to accept this challenge and propose an idea of live call and live chat, but another challenge appear over here was that client calls were confidential so she don’t want to proceed with any third party tool for call, Blitz Mobile Apps again showed their best skills over here and accepted the challenge to introduce their own chat and call system which was later got the name of “SOA Chat”, This brilliant product allow the customers and therapist to avail their session with the facility of voice call and live chat over the platform.

Client Testimonial

Olumide Sanwalo

Founder of Writers Block

Thank you very much for Demonstrating the latest version of the writer's block Project. I am so delighted to see the hard work of everyone, your team, yourself and myself all put together to create such a wonderful product. I am very impressed with how your team was able to include and adapt to all the numerous changes that we had discussed and I was very pleasantly surprised to see improvements, even some features I had not expected. One of the best features is how the book looks and flows when published and also how easy and intriguing it is to edit the book. I am sure that the users will have a delight having a go at it and customizing it to their preferences. The sight layout, its simplicity and clarity really makes it stand out.

You guys have done a truly wonderful job in bringing my vision to life. I appreciate all the hard work that has been put into this to make it work.

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