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Blitz Mobile Apps brings unmatched expertise when it comes to developing blockchain games. With years of excellence in consulting, strategy, design, and engineering at scale, our team can handle your game development project of any magnitude

Revolutionizing Online Gaming With Blockchain Technology

Tokenizing in-game objects and creating NFTs is now possible thanks to the Blockchain. We have made it possible for gamers to truly own in-game assets preventing them from being taken away as a penalty. Moreover, we have made it easier to transfer your assets from one platform to another.


Fostering A Unified Gaming Multiverse

By leveraging blockchain technology, we create a single gaming multiverse where players can move characters and items between the digital world.


Blitz Mobile Apps is your top blockchain app development company that leverages the power of blockchain to provide you with a game application packed with amazing features.


The Blockchain comes with unbreakable encryption, with additional protection to maximize your asset's safety and profits.


Using NFTs, you can now launch your personalized characters in real-time gameplay as you own that digital character.

No Third-Party Interference

Blockchain enables transparent and fair gameplay by eliminating third-party interference.

Micropayment And Monetization

You can now monetize your creative game with micropayments, low transaction fees, and great subscription offers.


Players can now engage in NFTs of gaming characters and tokens that can be collected as a reward in the gaming universe.

Virtual Asset Trading

NFT Games allow internal asset trading with assured authenticity.

Smart Contract

By Leveraging a centralized network, a transparent gaming agreement can set up reinforced dealers with tracking rate monitors.

Leap Into The Web 3.0 With Us

In addition to developing robust and immersive games, our NFT specialists provide you with unparalleled consultancy and work around the clock to help you leap into the blockchain gaming industry.

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Our Clients Simply Love Our Work

For us, customer gratification is the utmost priority. Have a glimpse at what our clients say about us.

Randy Jordan

Hi, I am Randy Jordan, the founder, and CEO of Go Hard Finish Strong. I want to let you guys know that working with Blitz Mobile Apps has been great....

Larry Oien

Hi, I am Larry Andrew Olen. My wife and I both have the same initials LAO, thus the name LAO Games. We decided on developing games and getting the pricey parts done...


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the great presentation and for explaining the different ways in which you can crowdfund.....


I have been working with Blitz Mobile Apps. They have been delivering me wireframes for my upcoming website...

Aurelie Daniel

They developed an iOS and Android responsive game for me. The gaming experience was seamless. The sounds, visuals, everything was made with perfection. I am delighted with their service and will surely hire them for my next project too. 10/10

Rosie Warner

Since day one, the experience with them has been amazing. Their app development team goes above and beyond to ensure that everything goes according to plan. I am so happy with their excellent quality and prompt service.

Andres Dwayne

For my tourism business, I had the website designed by them. The website had great features that allowed hotel booking, trip planning, ride booking, and much more. The sales and profits increased 3x after getting a website designed by Blitz Mobile Apps.


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