Technology For Change

How Businesses Are Using Technology To Evolve During Covid-19 and The Role of Tech In The Future of Entrepreneurship.


00:08 Introduction of Blitz and Podcast Series

01:46 Role of Project Manager once the project is on board

03:20 Pre-Requisites for when a project is on board with Us

05:15 Project categorization on the basis of two constants i.e. Time and Cost

06:50 Selection of Project Methodology on the basis of Quadrants

08:45 Difference in Methodologies with Pros and Cons

10:51 Examples of the projects on the basis Quadrants ( for Instance Less Money and Less Time)

12:47 Pro and Cons of the Quadrants and what Solutions We offer

13:26 How Blitz is handling projects in COVID situation

14:34 Conclusion

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